We provide full service financial solutions for all of your needs so that you can live debt free and create wealth thru proper planning.

Structured Settlements

we will help you reduce your mortgage payments thru a loan modification or We will help you stay in your home even when you are well behind on your mortgage

We make selling annuity payments as easy as 123. Need a lump sum of cash? instead of working with companies that broker deals why not deal directly with the investors and institutions. bottom-line.... you get more money for payments.......

we will help you get the best credit cards to help you restore your credit. whether you have good credit or bad credit we have the right credit cards to help you.

we will help you reduce your credit card debt balances by up to 75%. We will help you avoid bankruptcy and reduce your monthly payments by up to 50%. don't be a slave to credit card debt. 

we will help you find the right loan whether its a business loan or a personal loan.  we want to help you achieve your goals.

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We will help you remove negative items from your credit and help you restore it hence so that you can get the things that people with good credit can obtain in as little as 30 to 90 days

We will help you plan your retirement thru diversified tax free investment vehicles. these products you can count on to achieve your goals with no market risk


we will help you with any need you might have with iRS tax problems we can help you to pay pennies on the dollar on what you owe the irs in taxes. We will be able to situate a better solution for tax relief needs.